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We are engaged in trading and supplying a wide assortment of Cool Roof Tiles, which are procured from our most trusted vendors in the market. When properly installed and maintained, Cool Roof Tiles provide numerous benefits that contribute to the health of a community, to the occupants of the buildings


  Improved comfort because the building’s interior is subject to less thermal flux and stays cooler during the warm season

  Reduced energy costs because of reduced air-conditioning

  Longer AC unit life resulting from decreased air-conditioning loads

  Increased roof longevity due to reduced thermal flux

  Cool roof tiles are distinguished among energy conservation measures because of the many environmental benefits they can provide

  Increased demand for buildings, thus increasing the potential for the installation of air-conditioners in buildings that currently don’t need them

Increased greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming, released as a result of fossil fuel-generated electricity to power air conditioners

Increased smog formation

Prepare the surface of the floor complete rendering and curing at least two weeks prior to tiling. Do not fix tiles On the fresh floor.

Before fixing the tiles, lay them in the desired pattern and make sure that they give an acceptable blend of colors. Also, make sure that the tiles are acceptable to your satisfaction. Please note that a certain amount of shade & size variation is inherent in all ceramic products. The company will bear no liability after the tiles are fixed.

The Company bears no responsibility towards the tiles that are exposed to any outside processes like transfers, printing, firing, etc.

For fixing floor tiles using sand cement, follow the instruction given below:

Use cement and sand mortar in a ratio of 1:3.  Add some water to create a consistent paste. Do not use neat cement for fixing tiles

Once the mixing has been complete, do not add any further water and use the same within one hour.

 Soak the tiles in clean water for at least 30 minutes before fixing them.

 Remove the tiles from the water and allow them to drain to ensure that there is no film of water on the surface.

 Apply the bedding material evenly & tap it firmly back into position to ensure proper contact between the tile & floor.

 The Work size which we try to maintain for better technical performance is + mm on average. It is advisable to maintain a gap of 1-2 mm between every two tiles to allow for possible expansion as per tolerance norms

Please note that the company does not accept any liability in case of problems arising out of non-adherence to these tile fixing instructions.